The Seed

It's funny how it all started with a seed, a seed of wonder, curiosity and pure and unimaginable awe. The first time my youthful eyes watched the tv screen. Selena, one of the first movies I watched as a kid, that followed the life of the young Tejano singer and her journey through her singing career. Watching this as a little girl inspired me so much so that that same spark I felt that day when I was just 3 years old, still lives on today, in fact it's even larger than it was then, it's a whole blazing fire, that can't be put out. 

That fire can't be and it won't be put out. Why? Because it was placed there by the Creator of the whole world and everything outside of it. It's a desire purely planted on my heart. At first it was just to sing but now it's to sing with a purpose. Writing music is something I never thought or imagined of doing but found myself naturally coming up with catchy melodies at the age of 8 or 9. Once I learned the basics of the guitar I ran with it, full on tried to turn those melodies into songs for my friends and family. I just did it as a hobby, nothing serious. Writing music and singing were two different ends of the spectrum in my head. Singing was what I wanted to do professionally, be a recording artist and play live shows but writing, oh no I could never do that. It wasn't until I attended Oceans Edge School of Worship when I realized I could do it, if I really wanted too but I was just so scared to be vulnerable, I mean, "what if I mess up and can never write a solid good song!" Well my first assignment in my artist class was to begin writing a song and let me tell you, I freaked. I had a whole week and just 2 days before the assignment was due one of my classmates asked, "have you started writing your song yet?" Immediately panic flooded through my whole body, "no I just can't come up with anything." That was a lie, I had come up with a melody, but that's it just a melody, no lyrics or inspiration or nothing just a simple melody I could hum! I felt stupid. "Well let me hear it." So I hummed it and that day my friend helped me find a solid chord progression and inspiration for the meaning of the song. I worked on it and worked on it then played it for my classmates and teacher and the feedback was encouraging to say the least! 

My first single You Won't Let Go was birthed. My first finished full song, down the road, You Won't Let Go got produced and go to be on the Oceans Edge album and furthermore, I got to sing it, do a live recording and play it with a full band at the end of the year showcase 'The Show' in the summer of 2015. 

I'll never forget that momentum, that feeling hearing the audience shout and scream and clap after the song had finished. It was then I realized my seed had grown, and became purposeful. I had no idea that God could use my simple desire to sing to reach others, inspire others and ultimately point them to Jesus. 

The other morning I was reading through Psalms and had this revelation. David, the writer of Psalms was a songwriter. He had the powerful gift of writing and God used his gift to write songs that are real, genuine and down to earth, that come from a real place of hurt, trial, praises, etc and God used Davids gift to reach other people, to relate and to point them to our good Father. That is my calling to write and sing songs that are real, that come from a real place in me and what the Lord has shown me, or brought me out of but to in the end show the greatness of our God.